Kelly Neuber

Kelly Neuber
Vice-President, Marketing

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Kelly Neuber has 28 years of marketing experience in the financial services industry. She has worked with several leading financial institutions including Central Guaranty Trust, Scotiabank, Global Strategy, and the Canadian Home Income Plan. She also spent several years as a Marketing and Strategic Planning Consultant, during which time she co-authored The Financial Advisor at the Epoch, a unique forward thinking and idea-packed book for financial advisers.

In 2002, she joined Mortgage Intelligence as VP Marketing where she introduced marketing and other business services for over 1,000 mortgage consultants, and launched the GMAC Residential Funding brand into the Canadian marketplace. In 2006, Kelly was recruited to create and successfully launch the Mortgage Architects brand and, over a six-year period, managed the development of all branding, marketing, and channel communications for both Mortgage Architects and myNext Mortgage.

In 2011, Kelly joined Invis and Mortgage Intelligence as VP Marketing.