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David Hetti: David is the Director of Operations at MiMortgage as well as being a highly experienced full-time Mortgage Broker. David has an extensive financial background and holds his Life Insurance License. This provides value added services to all our clients in-house. David has the leadership qualities that have driven the office to be the largest Mortgage Intelligence Team in the Region of Durham.  Through the power of Mortgage Intelligence the team is able to provide mortgage solutions from over 50 National and Private lender. Competitive rates are always available.        Contact David at 866-452-1100 or


Ontario: Cobourg, Goodwood, Kawartha Lakes, King City, Markham, Oshawa


English, Singalese


Residential Mortgages, Alternate Lending

Current Rates

We regularly receive short-term rate promotions that are not posted online, which means our rates change frequently. Please contact me for these unpublished rate specials, and for your own personalized rate and mortgage plan.

Current Prime: 2.45%
Terms Posted Rates Our Best Rates
6 Months 3.75% 3.30%
1 Year 3.19% 1.99%
2 Years 3.29% 1.99%
3 Years 3.89% 1.99%
4 Years 4.19% 1.99%
5 Years 4.94% 2.04%
7 Years 5.49% 2.34%
10 Years 5.99% 2.99%
5 Year Variable 1.98% 1.98%

Insured mortgage rates, subject to change. Conventional and refinance rates may be higher. Some rates may not be available in all provinces. Consult a local Mortgage Intelligence professional for more information. OAC. E&EO

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