WealthLine mortgages are designed to enhance your personal wealth.

With WealthLine, your Mortgage Intelligence Professional can ensure that your mortgage continues to meet your unique requirements and personal goals.

WealthLine Mortgages

WealthLine mortgages help you build personal wealth through home-ownership. These products are available exclusively through Mortgage Intelligence mortgage brokers and agents. Offering you a comprehensive suite of mortgage options, WealthLine includes both fixed-rate and adjustable rate products as well as discounted rate options.

WealthLine Mortgages are arranged through Paradigm Quest Inc., an experienced player in the Canadian mortgage industry that works with domestic and international capital market partners to fund several billion dollars in mortgage transactions. Currently, Paradigm Quest has over 18 billion dollars in assets under management.

Wealth Accelerator - Conveniently Pay Your Mortgage Off Faster

Part of the WealthLine family of mortgages, Wealth Accelerator conveniently and automatically increases your payment annually by 5% each year.  This automatic option allows you to accelerate paying off you're your mortgage - as much as 7 years faster - without having to contact us to take advantage of your pre-payment privileges. Wealth Accelerator gives you the freedom to meet your current needs while planning for your future wealth.